A Look At The Last Four Years and Into The Upcoming Year!

Back in May, we celebrated our fourth anniversary as Youth for Honduras! We celebrated how, during this time, we have served more than 75 youth in our Transition Honduras program (transition housing and scholarship program) and how we have a direct impact with more than 350 young lives through interviews, trainings, workshops, and camps. These last four years have been such a great learning process and have given us a solid foundation to continue to develop on our program to reach out to more youth during their transition and preparation and make a more significant impact.

We currently are in times of change with the organization and have the last couple of months been working on a new strategy for the coming year’s work, and we are so excited!

The first step will be to connect students from the local Honduran universities who are doing their last professional practices and internships before graduating as social workers or psychologists with the children’s homes around Honduras. We have set up a whole series of trainings and workshops on working with youth ages 13+ in transition through the Formation for Life program, trauma, laws within child protection services here in Honduras, etc. to equip university students and to help them to be a resource out at the children homes.

We want to ensure that more youth get equipped to leave the children’s homes and go into transition after a longer or shorter stay at a home, but we also want to help the children’s homes with many of the tasks we know that they need extra hands for like updating children’s files, test children and youth, help with researching for family reintegration, etc. Furthermore, we hope to help these upcoming professionals become equipped to take jobs within the child protection sector.

For now, we are not receiving youth into our Transition Honduras program (transition house program). In the future, we would like to give more youth this opportunity but, within their community, be it a community that they are familiar with or the community where their family lives. But, to do that, we will need to work more unified with the children’s homes that are working with the Formation for Life program in customizing the right solution for each youth. Helping to find solutions in the context of their community and make sure that the youth are ready for this next step, so we don’t set them up for failure but rather a greater success!

When we open up again for youth to enter our Transition Honduras program, we will be focusing on receiving youth from children’s homes that have been working with the Formation for Life program with their youth. This will help us ensure that the youth we take into our program have been prepared for the upcoming transition and are ready to start to continue studying or finding a career!

2020-2021 will be with focus on getting the Formation for life program out to as many children’s homes as possible so we can ensure that the youth coming out of the children’s homes over the next many years are ready for the society that they will encounter.
If you are interested, or if you know of a children’s home that would be interested in best practice transitions for their youth, please give us a call or send us an email so we can help begin the process!

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