About Youth For Honduras

Youth for Honduras is a Christian transition program for youth who have been living in Honduran children’s homes but now seek to establish an independent adult life. This transition from a protected children’s home to society is extremely difficult for most youth. Not only are they challenged when it comes to self-esteem, social networks, and knowledge about society, they also face a reality of high unemployment and high crime rates in Honduras. Sadly, many of them are easy targets for gangs, violence, and prostitution.

At Youth for Honduras, we believe that all youth need a chance to start a successful adult life, and therefore we strive to meet the youth’s needs to become successful. Through years of working with young teens/adults, we acknowledge that transition work needs to begin many years before the actual transition starts. Therefore, we work not only with the youth getting ready to start an independent life out in society, but we work with the youth from the time they turn 13 years old.

Our Programs

where we work directly with the children’s homes and organizations working with at-risk youth

for youth in transition and starting their independent life out in the society

Mentorship Program

we collaborate with UJBH and their Timoteos program on training mentors for the youth coming out of children’s homes

Our Mission

We want to train and accompany young men and women who graduated from Honduran children’s homes so that they, with the appropriate help and guidance, will be prepared to make their own decisions as responsible young adults and contribute to their country.

Our Vision

We wish to be recognized as a safe and competent transition program that works for and watches over youth who graduated from Honduran children’s homes, preparing and guiding them towards a successful reintegration into society.