Youth for Honduras is pleased to be surrounded by and collaborating with so many good people working for the vulnerable children and youth around the world. See below for a list of our collaborating organizations!

World Orphan Fund

The World Orphan Fund founded Youth for Honduras together with Cathrine Sørensen and are funding the organization with the vision of helping youth from children’s homes all over Honduras to live a life out of poverty, gang violence, prostitution and crime.

Connect Youth

Connect Youth is our Danish sister organization. Connect Youth's main focus is to develop networks and reach out to other countries with the same need for transition as we see in Honduras with the Formation for life program and other valuable tools.

Programa Timoteos

The Timoteos project has roots in the Danish and Honduran youth baptist organizations, and together we are collaborating on training and getting mentors prepared to mentor youth coming out of Honduran children’s homes.

ACT and ARTployment

ACT and ARTployment are two Erasmus+ projects that Youth for Honduras will take part in doing 2020-2022 with focus on youth employment and preventing youth getting into poverty, gangs, violence and organized crime.

Furthermore, we are blessed with a big network of local organizations, churches and children’s homes that we are collaborating with through different projects and programs: