Youth for Honduras was founded in 2016 by the World Orphan Fund and Social Educator, Cathrine Sørensen, former director of Youth for Honduras.

The organization was developed, focusing on the youth aging out of their children’s homes. These youth had little or no practical experience with the realities outside the children’s home, and with fragile community networks and family ties, this transition for most youth, was most likely to fail.

"An estimated 10% of youth coming out of Honduran children’s homes have a successful life after leaving the children’s home and reintegrating back into society."

These numbers made it very clear that a good transition program was needed.

In the first year of the organization, Youth for Honduras taught a transition course to 7th-11th graders at Orphanage Emmanuel, located in Guaimaca, Honduras. Benefiting from resources developed by the orphanage and the Danish Baptist Children and Youth Organization with support from the Danish Youth Council. This course was designed to educate each grade on different themes responding to their ages, for example, identity, self-esteem, good friendships, finding the first job, etc.

Afterward, Youth for Honduras refined this transition material Formation for life and later, in 2018, published two transition manuals for youth 13 and older living in children’s homes. With these manuals and the related instructions for children’s home staff, Youth for Honduras has reached out to many more youth than just those in our Transition Honduras program.

The Formation for Life program has not only been taught to youth living in children’s homes, but it has also been utilized with several larger organizations, local schools, and local churches with the need for better training materials and opportunities for their youth.

A Look At Where We Are Going

Goals for the Upcoming Year

Like the rest of the world, Youth for Honduras has been affected by COVID-19 in 2020, but it has given us time to create a clear direction for the upcoming year. 
Best practice transition is all about meeting the youth where they are, finding solutions, and looking for opportunities for each youth involved. We are always trying to get better at our work with the youth, and now it’s time to take new and necessary steps to secure we move forward and do it in the right way. We will be focusing on making the following shifts to our programs:

The Formation for Life Program

by 2021, we will begin the process at least six children's homes, which will be facilitated by psychology and social work students from local public and private universities.

The Transition Honduras Program

will maintain the youth that are already involved in the program. No new youth in 2021 will be added to the program, but rather, our team will be working closely together with the Formation for Life program out at the children's homes where we will be researching opportunities and solutions for the new youth coming into the program in 2022. We wish to meet each youth's needs by helping them transition to their new home in the area that they want to start their independent life depending on family relations, community network, and study plans.

Our goal is to impact more youth and give more youth a chance in life after growing up in a children's home!