Being a mentor is a total commitment

By Ramón López, staff at Youth for Honduras

Youth for Honduras wishes to give each one of our youth a mentor who can walk together with the youth in life as a Christian companion and supporter. This dream is beginning to see daylight now! We have started a mentorship program – a fantastic initiative that will, hopefully, bring a lot of blessings to the lives of our youth!


Education of our first mentors

Together with Street Kids Direct, who has established mentorship programs for children in the streets, and Programa Timoteos, which is a network of Honduran Baptist churches, we are now educating our first mentors.

The training of the mentors seeks to raise awareness, instruct, and give tools to young people who want to carry out mentoring with our youth. The mentors learn to support the youth in an efficient, continuous, and compassionate way. We believe that these are very important keywords when working with youth who have been living in orphanages.


Mentor mentalities

The persons, who are willing to serve as mentors for our youth, are Christian youth of Baptist churches in Honduras. They have shown lots of love and passion for youth who have left their children’s homes and are now ready to influence our youth in many ways.

One of the greatest motivations for mentoring among our group of mentors is that they will play an important role in another person’s life. Each mentor becomes that special person who can generate a positive change for his/her mentee.

All of our mentors are Christians. This is important for us as the mentors will be able to tell about and take Jesus into the lives of our youth.


Training process

We educated our mentors during a two-day training course. Here, the mentors saw statistics of the impacts of mentoring. They learned to understand psychological characteristics, emotions, as well as behaviors of youth who have been exposed to traumatic events. Being aware of these facts will help the mentors when they are interacting with their mentees.

During the course the mentors discovered that mentoring is not only to motivate another person on an emotional level. Mentoring is about the whole person and is a total commitment because this is the way they can make a difference in the long run.


Kelvin Lopez – a mentor testimony

Kelvin Lopez is one of the mentors who have been trained through the Youth for Honduras Mentorship Program. He states:

“The training I received from Youth for Honduras was really relevant and useful. The information I got about youth from orphanages was clear and precise, and I found the statistics presented to us very important. I think I can put the information into practice when I meet my mentee.

The training has shown me that caring for my mentee is very important. It is important that I do my best so that I create a pleasant and healthy environment for my mentee.

Volunteering for me is important because of the person who receives my help and time. I can do a difference for a person who, probably, has had fewer opportunities than me, less advice than me, and less people to trust and talk to.

I also think I can be of great support as a mentor because I study psychology. This allows me to understand people more in depth and, therefore, help them. My life has been very difficult. I have learned many things late and this has had its consequences. But after having learned these things I will never forget them and I know that my experiences are and can be beneficial for people around me.

In addition, the love of Christ allows me to love those people who have had less chances than me – and that same love impulses me to help.”