Dream big!

When you last heard from us we had just received our 2nd generation of youth. It’s been such a great experience getting these young people into our program. They all show determination to learn, try, and dream big. The six who are studying at university have just passed this semester, which makes us so proud. The two who are in high school are doing social projects where they help children and youth less advanced in school with homework, which is such an awesome way to help others. Three of our youth passed the admission test for the National University and will start in September 2017 and three have signed up for next admission test in June 2017. Just as we did before, all youth taking the admission test will have tutoring classes to help them prepare. And, this month we will start something new where all youth enrolled in courses will receive tutoring and help with homework at our office.

Many exciting things have happened over the last couple of months. We have moved to a bigger office, so we now have space to gather all youth and employees under the same roof. (We have always had lots of workshops for the youth with different topics as entrepreneurship, self-esteem, dental hygiene, etc.) We have been further blessed with the ability to take over the transition program at Orphanage Emmanuel, which was started several years ago by the Danish Baptist Children and Youth Organization in cooperation with Orphanage Emmanuel. Here we teach over 120 students from 7th to 11th grade the importance of a good transition after their time at the orphanage. Right now, we are putting all our efforts into readying the teacher’s material, so it can be published later this year and available for instruction at other orphanages who have an interest in supporting a good transition for their youth as they age out. All employees and two youth attended the Identify solutions: Conference on Orphan Care just a couple of weeks ago where we had the pleasure of teaching and hosting a workshop about transition for youth.

 In the coming months, we will focus on spreading the word about our transition program to youth getting ready to leave their orphanage home and start a new life in the society as well as identifying the orphanages that could be interested in establishing a good sustainable transition program at their campus. We will not be taking in new youth until the beginning of 2018, but we have already opened for new applicants and will start our interviewing process with new youth in September. So, if you know of any orphanages that could be interested but still haven’t heard about our program please don’t hesitate to contact us at youthforhonduras@gmail.com

I would like to encourage you to consider becoming part of our program as a sponsor, either individually or through your church. This support is a crucial component to the success of each of the youth currently enrolled in the program and those who will be entering in the coming months. It is exciting to know what a difference we can make in the future of these wonderful young people who have so much potential. For more information please contact Valerie Johnson: info@transitionhonduras.org


Thanks for your prayers and your support!



Cathrine Sørensen