First Students Have Arrived!

We have received the first five psychology students from UNAH, Tegucigalpa, and they have had their first week of training with us. At the beginning of March, we will receive 5-7 students more mixed from psychology and social work.  We will then take them all to camp for about two weeks to prepare them for the work they will be doing with us and out at the children’s homes.
We are so excited about this step that the students are taking together with us where we hope that in the long run will be able to influence many youth in their children’s homes to get to be prepared for life and the society that they will meet in their near future.

Our wish for 2021 is to see more youth getting prepared to leave their childhood home and participate in society as independent youth with a desire to face life and all that it may bring.
We want to see students becoming professionals and equipped to take jobs within the child protection sector where they will fight for each child’s rights in their care.

Meet a few of our students and hear about their expectations for this internship period!

Diossana Espinal

My expectations of my professional practice are that I want to be able to put my knowledge into practice, to be able to enjoy this experience, and above all, to serve others, which is the main reason why I studied this beautiful career called psychology. I have skills that allow me to understand the reason why people act the way they do, how they do it, and based on these, treat them and be as empathetic as possible. For me, empathy should be practical, not just be used as a cliché, what to say with words at the moment. I want to grow personally, emotionally, and professionally. I have Christian principles, and I feel fortunate to be in an organization where I can freely express my faith, which I wish never to renounce.

In the future, I see myself successfully exercising my profession; I love serving, helping, listening. I feel that people require a little attention to feel valued in this life. I have spent time before volunteering in special Olympics, in schools, in orphanages. I was blessed to carry out my therapeutic practice in SOS Children’s Villages, where I was in contact with children at social risk. I realized the difficulties that they were in the process of overcoming, and I gave them counseling. I have been able to work with children with intellectual deficits, with children with ADHD (deficit disorder care), a multidisciplinary work since I put into practice almost all psychology areas such as; the clinic, educational, and social to treat each case.

Gerson Irias

My expectations for my professional practice with Youth For Honduras are to practice my knowledge acquired in the course of my time at university, fully develop the role of social psychologist knowing and managing the different techniques and established protocols that I have been taught. I also hope to grow personally. I hope to improve my English communication skills and meet people experienced in social psychology from whom I can learn and receive advice to function in the best possible way. Recognize and identify common traumas in the field.
At the end of my internship, I want my goals and objectives clearly defined in the short and long term. The best-case scenario would be to acquire a job with an Organization like Misión Identidad, a job that could allow for me to train abroad, allowing me to know new cultures and gain new experiences.

Dilcia Manzanares

My greatest professional performance is applying my acquired knowledge, methods, and techniques. Joining the team and strengthening my professional training with the experience and knowledge of the association members.

My expectation for the future is to have an employment opportunity, if God allows me, to further develop my experiences during my training since my profession can be taken into account in different professional areas. Also, to be able to continue educating myself as we live in a world that is constantly changing.