“Formación para la Vida” – our new life training manuals are here!

By Karla Aguilar, staff at Youth for Honduras

Since the very beginning, Youth for Honduras has been striving for better future opportunities for children, teenagers, and young adults who are still living in Honduran orphanages.

For a time, we were given the opportunity to visit and teach youth in different orphanages about transition, and from our great experiences with each one of them, we developed a series of transition classes covering relevant themes within the personal, the spiritual, the social, and the employment area.

We, then, found ourselves in a position of being able to further develop this important initiative and systemize our knowledge. We wanted to create a material easy for our target group to approach.

Therefore, we developed our two manuals, “Formacion para la Vida” [Life Training], which aim at guiding children and youth aged 13 and up to face the challenges they meet when transitioning and reach their goals in life. The sooner we prepare orphanage children and youth for their transitions, the better are their chances to transition successfully.


Youth for Honduras is ready to present two new Life Training manuals!

Each manual evolves around themes that corresponds to the youth’s age and this will help the youths understanding their specific situations. The manuals appeal to the youths as well as their caretakers in the orphanages and contain descriptions, activities, case studies, exercises, etc.

The manuals will be used as a part of our Life Training Program. The purpose of this program is to teach orphanage staff in the ideas and exercises of our manuals. Then, they will bring that knowledge back home to the youth training them in the different transition themes.


Participation in summit in Guatemala

This autumn we had the chance to present our two Life Training manuals on the Christian Alliance for Orphans Latin-American Summit 2018 in Guatemala.

The summit aimed at developing and learning new methods to help children and youth at risk. We received a very positive response on our material and were, likewise, inspired from the presentations by others.

It was a very touching experience to visit different organizations in Guatemala and learn from their methods.

The Walker Childhood Development Center (which is also funded by our sponsors World Orphan Fund) have specialized in providing therapy for orphans under the age of 6. Thanks to this project, we got the chance to meet some young adults who are in their transition process. We visited them at their working places and listened to their experiences.

Furthermore, we visited the Transition House Ether and, finally, met with our friends Street Kids Direct learning in a more direct way about their efforts for children in the streets.


Training orphanage staff

We have already had the pleasure of instructing 32 staff members from different organizations in our Life Training manuals.

After two days of workshops at our office,  they all completed their training successfully and were eager to train their youth.

Furthermore, we in Youth for Honduras were very inspired from the workshop days. We were enriched by sharing experiences and motivated to continue the work that we have put so much effort into. Each organization is working in their specific way to improve conditions for Honduran children and youth but we all have the same goal and a Heavenly Father who guides us.

Now, we have great expectations towards the Life Training Program. We are able to continue working with the organizations that would like to develop in this area.

One of the next steps in the process is to visit each organization, follow up on our workshop days, and see how the youths are progressing.

Over time, we hope to see them leave their children’s homes with a clear idea of their future goals and expectations towards life making a difference not only for themselves but for the Honduran society as well.