Formation For Life Internship

The Formation For Life Program Internship is aiming to reach out to the children’s homes through students of social work and psychology. We at Youth for Honduras will train and prepare the students for their last internship before graduating as professionals. The university students will be living at the children’s homes doing their internship, where they will be implementing the Formation For Life Program with youth ages 13+. They will also be helping out at the children’s homes with the daily activities and support the administration in the different needs as filing cases, updating profiles, testing children and youth, etc.

Program Objectives:

  1. We want to ensure that more youth are ready to face the transition they will meet when turning 18 and leaving the children’s home and starting life out in the Honduran society. We want to see youth transitioning into independent lives with success and out of poverty, prostitution, drugs, and gang violence.
  2. We want to help the children’s homes with many of those assignments that they might not have time or resources for, like testing children and youth and other administrative projects.
  3. We wish to get better professionals prepared for working out in the child protection sector and at the children’s homes. 

If you are a Honduran children’s home looking to implement the Formation for Life program, you can apply to get psychology and social worker students through Youth for Honduras! For more information, please contact Edward Galeas.


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