International projects

Since 2018, we have been involved with several international projects and organizations, all supported by The EU Commission Erasmus+ program that supports different types of youth projects with the aim of helping but also to exchange knowledge between countries.

In 2018-2019 we were involved in Step Up for Rights of Females (SURF) together with three other organizations from India, Senegal, and Lithuania.
It was an awesome experience putting women’s rights on the list, working together with different cultures, and visiting other countries.

Between 2020-2022 we will be involved in two new projects, ACT and ARTploymeent, which we are super excited about. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has played an active role in pausing many things, which has also caused us to pause much of these two projects. So we are waiting with excitement to get started.

We have also been so fortunate to have a sister organization, Connect Youth based in Denmark. As we keep up the best-practices of transition work in Honduras, Connect Youth will try to get our model out to more third world countries with the same needs as those we serve in Honduras.
For more information about Connect Youth, click here!