Life Training Program – We have visited the participating organizations

By Karla Aguilar, staff at Youth for Honduras

In April we got the opportunity to visit all organizations who have joined our Life Training Program. We visited them all over the country and first and foremost we noticed their great responsibility and commitment to developing the program. This benefits their youth to a large extend when preparing their transitions and becoming young adults.

This year, as mentioned in a previous newsletter, we have planned four meetings with the participants of our Life Training Program. We want to visit them to be able to support them better and help them in their process. The concept is that they are being trained to be able to train their youth.

Our first meeting took place at our office in Tegucigalpa where the participants received a two-day-training. Then, in April, we visited them. The two last steps will be follow-ups and sharing of experiences. On these occasions we will guide each one of the organizations through workshops and feedback so they will feel accompanied in the process.

During the visits we carried out in April, we observed that the different organizations have adopted much knowledge from our first meeting. They have adjusted that knowledge to their own realities and made a plan for this year.

So now their youth will be taught in the themes of our manuals through workshops given by the organization staff.

Many of the participating organizations have not only been empowered by receiving workshops directly with us. The staff that we trained have trained their colleagues, too, along with their youth. Now, more staff are involved in supporting the youth’s transition process. And this makes it possible to carry out the transition preparation on a day to day basis.

One of the purposes with the Life Training Program is that the staff get the most possible out of our manuals. They register their process so they will identify in which aspects they are progressing and where to set in to perform better.


Youth for Honduras wants to thank each one of the organizations for their participation and interest in the Life Training Program.

Also, we want to acknowledge the efforts that they put into the program to develop the transition workshops. This reaffirms Youth for Honduras’ obligation to facilitate the necessary help to each one of the organizations so they can carry out their workshops and the training of their youth on a day to day basis.

Furthermore, we hope to maintain close relations between Youth for Honduras and each of the participating organizations to be able to keep working with the youth making their transition a success.