Meet The Youth


“My dream is to be a teacher, and later to teach many children and teens. My goal is to rise up and achieve what much of my family has not been able to as well as be able to work. I feel really happy in the program because I know that I am going to learn, and that there are going to be people I can count on. Above all I know that I will not be alone.
If I in the future have the resources and I see a wish in youths leaving their orphanages to move forward, I would very much like to help them. I love to help others, especially if they have been in the same situation as me.”


“I am currently studying foreign languages at the university. My mission this year is to keep studying so that I will have future opportunities. One of my dreams is to become a school teacher in English and French, but until I graduate from university I hope to get a part time job that can give me work experience and contribute to my personal expenses. Another future dream is to travel - especially in France! I would very much like to experience the culture that I am studying. Thanks to this transition program I will be able to continue with my studies and because of their help my journey in life will not be so complicated.”


“I’m a young man with many skills, eager to achieve success, but always with the help of the people around me to support me in everything I need. I wish to continue my studies in accounting and finances until I graduate from university. Afterwards, I would like to have a job in order to gain a lot of experience because one day I would like to be able to start my own business, whether it be in accounting or another area. Through the Youth for Honduras program I hope to get a higher level of maturity and I already feel when paying my own bills that I become more independent. I have been used to receiving everything but now is the time to take decisions and become independent.”


“Youth for Honduras is a unique opportunity where I can develop my personal skills and, at the same time, acquire new habits and customs to be able to fully develop and make a change in society. I study history and have a dream of focusing on the history of Honduras — also after I graduate. I believe I can make a difference for my country by making Hondurans be aware and reflect on our cultural roots. My plans within the program are to finish my studies at university, develop my teamwork skills and to be able to get a part-time job.”


“I have always loved to study and been curious to know more about the world I live in. I have chosen to study psychology and I dream of finding a part time job where I can get more experience in communicating with people. It could be in a clothes shop or in a beauty salon as I am very skilled in updos and makeup. I would like to develop my empathy skills as well as customer service skills. I believe that by receiving this help from Youth for Honduras and being in this program I will be able to study and fulfill my dreams. My plan is also to learn English and computer skills which this program offers.”


“Before I got accepted into the program, I prayed that it would happen. Now that I have this great opportunity through Youth for Honduras, I will be able to improve myself. I want to make the most out of it and have new experiences. I’m studying design and love being creative and developing new ideas. In weekends, I work at the children’s home where I grew up. Here, I take care of the youngest boys. I cook, help them do their homework, but I also prioritize to play for example volleyball with them in the afternoons. I love being around children and this joy started when I had to take care of my sister’s five children for one month while she was in hospital.”

Jenifer Gabriela

"I study to become a nurse. I’m already halfway through my studies. Afterwards, I dream of taking it further and become a doctor. I strive to be better all the time. My dream is to work in a hospital with elders or with persons who have Down’s Syndrome. Recently I found out that there exists homes for people with Down’s Syndrome, which really made me happy cause this group of people have a special place in my heart. If it is God’s plan for my life, I would like to marry and have children. But before that I hope I’ll be able to travel. It’s really true that when you grow up you receive everything. I didn’t think about that before I entered adulthood and had to take care of myself. But I’m excited about starting something new and live my adult life. I feel good being here in Tegucigalpa."


"My relation with God is full of trust. He’s my savior and my everything! I have experienced that He has given me so much because of my close relation with Him through prayer. I know that I shouldn’t lose my communication with Him. I think I’m an idealistic person with many dreams. I’m studying graphic design but my big dream is to become an architect or an interior designer. I pray that I one day will become my own boss and be able to work from home and study at the same time. I can’t imagine a life without studying, whether it is design or foreign languages. It would also be awesome one day to start an organization like Youth for Honduras or the children’s home I come from. Youth for Honduras is very unique. They are one of the first in the field, and I definitely think this concept should extend. I hope I’ll be acknowledged no matter what area I choose."


“I study visual art at the pedagogical university. Expressing myself through art is a huge part of my life. For a long time, I developed my drawing skills but, recently, I also started painting. I have different dreams of how to develop this hobby and career of mine and inspire others. First of all, I would love to gather with other artists from Honduras, visit other countries with them, exchange ideas with other groups, and create new art projects together by combining various types of art. Secondly, I would like to exhibit my artwork in a gallery. And, finally, I dream of taking part in the development of a new school of art in Honduras. At the moment, we have schools of music as well as schools of ceramics, woodwork, and drawing/painting. Why not include other fields of art together with the traditional ones such as acting or dance? I am curious to see how it could develop!”


"The most difficult part about entering Youth for Honduras has been to leave my orphanage and family. It is like starting all over again. But here, I have the opportunity to study and I would very much like to study marketing at the university. I already have a little knowledge in the field and I think it is very interesting. One day I hope to start my own business. I assist in a Baptist church where I am both a bible study teacher and an usher. My participation in the church is focused around the youth."


“I’m thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate that I have a potential. I am in this program because I want to develop and be able to help my family, especially my younger siblings, and many other children and young people who need help. Spiritually, I want to get closer to God and follow his commandments. Youth for Honduras has helped me get a degree in carpentry and woodwork and are now supporting my university studies in engineering”

Ana Benita

“I am a school teacher by profession but I have now chosen to study further the area of special education because my dream is to work with children with disabilities, whether it be physical or emotional. When I was a child, I went to school at the very same place where I now volunteer some of my free time. This is my way of giving a little bit back of what I have received. For me it’s like working with my own family.”

Jennifer Cristina

"I am Jennifer Cristina. I am 18 years old and I have lived in my children’s home for 17 years. I was sometimes a volunteer there. I took care of the sick, I translated, and I planned birthday celebrations. My dream is to study social studies because I like to help others, just like I have been helped during my life. I would like to work with youth and children and in this way help my country. I can see myself working in an institution or in my own NGO. So, my future plans are to finish university, look for a job, and have my own family and organization. Youth for Honduras is a blessing from God to be able to complete some of my dreams. In my spare time I love to read, dance, and be with my friends."

Luis Fernando

"It is a great gift from God to be able to participate in Youth for Honduras! I know that many would like to get this opportunity to move forward in life and reach their goals. The association has already had a huge impact on me. I have started to think differently and now I relate to other people more than before. This has been a challenge but I have learned a lot. I know that I have the ability to get a university degree so I study economy. In the future I hope to get a job at an office or start my own business like a barbershop. And I want to help others, especially my family. My relation to God is good but I would like to enrich it and always fear Him."


"I am studying at the university in the field of administration informatics. It is my dream to finish my studies with great notes and, afterwards, I can see myself as head of a company’s data management. The best thing about Youth for Honduras is that I can continue my studies. The organization is guiding and tutoring me so that I’ll be ready to adapt to society. For me it has not been so difficult to move to Tegucigalpa because I have been here many times when I took classes in electricity at the INFOP (National Institute of Professional Training). I also dream of starting my own family and to help at the children’s home where I grew up."


"My name is Belkys. I am 18 years old and my dream is to hold a Bachelor’s degree in physical education. I love sports and I would like to teach in this subject in a high school. Then, I would like to have my own house and help my family. I lived in a children’s home in Trujillo for 9 years. It was very difficult to leave the people I know there. But to be with Youth for Honduras is something special. This is not an opportunity you get everywhere. And little by little, you get used to your new life here."


"I think Youth for Honduras is such a great opportunity for young people like me. Here, we get help to study at the university. I am studying foreign languages with the intention to become an English teacher. I have always loved to study English and learn about other cultures. I feel very close to God. In my church I give classes to children and teenagers and I am also attending a drama group. In the future, I would like to do voluntary work for children with Down’s syndrome. I think this is a way of serving others."


"I am so happy about being in this program in Youth for Honduras and I really hope it can help more youth from my orphanage. The most difficult about being here is to find a job but I pray that I will succeed. My relation to God is growing stronger. I hope to find a church to attend here in Tegucigalpa. My dream is to study psychology and later work in a clinic where I can help people. I also dream of living in my own house together with my siblings."


"I first heard about Youth for Honduras when a staff member visited my children’s home. I am always attentive but especially this time because I found it very interesting. And I said to myself: “I need to enter that program because this is an extraordinary opportunity. This is what I want.” Youth for Honduras supports my dream of studying. I want to become a nurse – maybe in a hospital or in a clinic. I think it is so great that in Youth for Honduras we are equal in a way. We have experienced some of the same things, for example difficulties with our parents."


"I see myself one day arriving at my work place dressed in suit and tie. I had hoped to study engineering but because of my grades it was better to go for a career in administration. So, I did that and now I am studying at the university. I dream of being able to establish my own company, support my family, and study more. I also dream of having a wife and children but looking at the way the world is today, I am not sure it will be convenient. It was a little difficult to move to Tegucigalpa. I am not used to lacking water, for example. But Youth for Honduras is a blessing for all youth who become part of it. I am God thankful that I am here, I am able to study, I have health and my family as well. I know that I let Him down many times but He never did that to me. Because of Him I can have peace in the middle of storms."


"I am putting everything in the hands of God because He is in control. He will continue doing what he has planned for my life. I have this dream of studying foreign languages and when I graduate, I want to teach. But not only languages. I also want to give dancing classes in English. Actually, I have a dream of becoming an actor as well and travel all over the world. I dream of having a beautiful family, help those who really need it, and live in the country side. I lived in the country side before I moved to Tegucigalpa and it has been a difficult shift. I had to leave people I love and get to know new people. I felt like I couldn’t make it so I went away from God for a while. But now I try to reconstruct my relationship with God because I know that I am nobody without Him. I want my relation to Him to grow deeper. I want Him to continue acting in my life."

Jennifer Karolina

"My name is Jennifer Karolina. My big dream is to study at the university. Another dream of mine is to work and help abroad. I really love to help people who need it, and I help my friends a lot. I have also been a volunteer taking care of children. In the future I hope to have my own family. I lived at my children’s home Vida Nueva (New Life) for 14 years so it is difficult to move to another city and start my life here. But I like to be a part of Youth for Honduras because I know it will do me good. I feel motivated by them."


"My dream is to open my own shop and this way be able to create my own job. I want to have my own car and my own house, but it is also important for me to help others, for example my dad. I see myself giving something back to the organizations that have helped me – my children’s home Montaña de Luz (Mountain of Light) and Youth for Honduras. During the first month with Youth of Honduras, I have felt both nervous and happy. But Youth for Honduras is a good organization, and I already know Tegucigalpa, so I’m sure it will be great here."


"I think Youth for Honduras is that important step that the youth from orphanages were missing to be able to succeed with their studies. I’m studying marketing and my big dream is to be able to work in a huge company. I feel very motivated for that. Also, I feel motivated by voluntary work because it can open doors and give you a larger network. Once, I volunteered in an organization that did development projects within the area of education."


"I grew up in the children’s home Casa Luz (House of Light). In high school I focused on educating myself in community health and nutrition. My big dream is to become a psychologist because I love helping and working with people. Also, I would like to have my own house. I attend church and my relation to God is profound. I believe in Him and always talk to Him. I have an interest in learning English and dream of being able to travel. My hobbies are among others board games and spend time with the girls in my house."


"Once I graduate from Nursing School, I want to work in Hospital Escuela or Hospital María here in Tegucigalpa. My dream is to specialize in a field, but so far, I have not decided which. Another dream of mine is to create a micro-enterprise to have an extra income and to contribute with something to other people. Youth for Honduras is a perfect way to reach my goals. I think it is a great organization because it helps youth to take good decisions and be active in their lives. It opens many doors."


"I’m studying to become a bilingual technician. When I finish my studies, I would like to work in a call center or in a bank in the customer service area. My dream is to find a job but I think it’ll be very difficult. Youth for Honduras requires that I find a job while I’m a student, so I’ll look for a part time job in a shop. In Youth for Honduras we have been introduced to voluntary work. We went to a place for children with special needs which really impacted me. I would like to help somewhere as well on day."


"Youth for Honduras gives me an opportunity that I can’t pass up! Even though I have a daughter and I couldn’t take her with me to Tegucigalpa, I think this is a chance I have to seize. I want to move forward in life and give my daughter opportunities as well. I love how I through Youth for Honduras have been taught about communication which really have helped me open my eyes. I’m studying to become a chef and my dream is to work in a restaurant."

Carlos Estevan

"I love being around other youth in Youth for Honduras. Ever since the moment I first stood in the offices of the organization, I have felt that everybody welcomed me. Youth for Honduras is a really good organization that helps youth to overcome many things. I hope that Youth for Honduras will help me in my studies. I dream of having a career in administration. Later, I would like to work in an acknowledged company where I can feel satisfied by doing my work tasks. A big dream of mine is to be able to study abroad "

Maria Fernanda

"My dream is to study marketing. I want to work in a company where I can use my skills. One day, I would like to develop my own product and promote it. It has been a little hard to move in with new roommates. I am a very reserved person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about what’s going on around me. Despite our differences I love being with them. I also love the environment that the organization has created. Youth for Honduras is a place for youth who leave children’s homes to become independent."

Ana Yanely

“I will give all of me to reach my goals in life and improve myself as a person. Not many from my children’s home have been given the same opportunities as me, so I want to be an example for them and show them through the way I live my life that it is possible to achieve great things”


"My plan is to study but right now I’m so thankful that I have found a job that I like and that keeps me going every day. The most difficult part of moving away from my children’s home, Emmanuel, was to leave my siblings. But apart from that I haven’t felt difficulties. Youth for Honduras helps us and that’s good. I like to attend church. Apart from that I love music, literature, and comics."


"I want to study law and become a lawyer one day. I am considering focusing on children in my career but I don’t know yet if I’ll end out helping children or adults the most. I am also dreaming of having my own house and maybe I’ll have my own family. Youth for Honduras wants us to see the real world. We have to learn to do things ourselves. If we want to achieve our dreams, we must fight for them."


"I feel very thankful. Youth for Honduras gives us a motive to think about the future. Here, they care for us. We just have to put an effort into it, be responsible, and fulfil what they request. I attend church here in Tegucigalpa and I am also in a cell group every Friday. They have said that I can become a part of their Sunday school service if I want. I have volunteered in this area before and I think I can help others a lot this way. It is my dream to become a teacher in PE in a bilingual school. I also dream of getting married and have a house where we can take in animals that doesn’t have a home."


"My dream is to study linguistics. Maybe to be an author but I also have a dream of being a teacher. First and foremost, I want to help my children’s home and my family through the life I live. At my children’s home I learned to volunteer. Together with a team I helped in translating and I was also a dentist assistant. It was difficult to leave my family and friends to move to Tegucigalpa and I have missed them a lot. But Youth for Honduras is a great opportunity for me and a great blessing as well. My absolute favorite activities are to be with the girls from my children’s home, read, play board games, and swim in the ocean!"


"I want to obtain a bachelor’s degree in administration. My dream is to work in a bank or a similar company. I think the most difficult part of coming here was the mix of emotions I felt. I have been afraid and sad but also had a great time in Youth for Honduras. It was hard to move away from home. I went to church regularly before I came here. When the Honduran society opens up again after the coronavirus crisis, I will definitely find a again church. I also want to serve in that same church when I, little by little, get more and more used to Tegucigalpa."


"I’m Belgia. I’m 19 years old and I come from a children’s home in Trujillo. I dream of studying math and one day teach in high school. Until now, Youth for Honduras has been a great help for me. They have shown us new places and given us different classes and workshops. It was difficult to leave the place I lived before but now I want to be a role model for those still living in my children’s home. It would be a blessing to be able to help my family too. I spend my spare time with God. My relation to Him is very close and important to me. I also like to read and write."


"I want to study international trade to become an entrepreneur in a national or international institution. Youth for Honduras is an excellent association. It is hard to share a lot with a lot of new people but it is great getting to know them better and make new friendships. It has not been easy but it is good. I also like to be around other youth in my church. There are special meetings and activities for us. I go there every Sunday."