“For me, there has only been one decision more important than all others, and it is, to have accepted God in my heart.”

“The first year, I didn’t want to be a part of the organization because I was scared. I thought that it would be very difficult and that I wouldn’t succeed. Keeping in mind that I had just left a place where I had been for a long time. I felt unsafe, I felt alone. So I thought “No, I’ll not succeed, I’m afraid to talk to other people”, and things like that. But after awhile, I saw that I was developing myself a lot and also very fast. Most of all, when we leave children’s homes, I have noticed a lot of times with youth that it is very difficult for them to communicate with others.”

“But socializing opens many doors because you will get to know more people and maybe through this or that person it’s possible to get a job, for example. For me, something that is very important”


“The association is a trampoline. It helps and motivates you to become a better person.”

“It doesn’t matter what people see or not see you need to maintain your values.”

“It motivates me that maybe In the future I could help people to see the things that identify us. I want to help my country in a cultural aspect to gain a feeling of national identity.”