Merry Christmas!

In this Christmas season, we often reflect on the year gone by, and what a wonderful year it has been! We are grateful for the many successes and blessings we have witnessed as the Transition Honduras program has completed its first full year of operation. We have 14 youth in our first- and second-generation, and we are about to welcome our third generation into the program.


What we have been doing

The past few months’ activities have been of huge importance for our youth, working with them on different aspects of life academic, spiritual, recreational and professional.

1.      The youth are receiving computer and English classes every week at our office.

2.      The youth have received training from professionals outside of our organization in entrepreneurship, pregnancy prevention, dental hygiene, and many other subjects.

3.      The youth are attending different classes at INFOP (vocational school).

4.      Some of the youth have started to go regularly to church where they have been enrolled in youth activities.

5.      The youth have been to museums, getting to know their country, traditions, and culture. We have also been on recreational trips where we get to have fun together and get to know each other better day by day.

After the first year in our transition houses, the youth move out to their own independent household. They are still in our program, but we are slowly empowering them step by step to take control of their own life and independence.  Our first-generation youth have now been living out on their own since August and it’s going really well. Our second-generation youth that started with us this year in January are getting ready for this new step in transition and independence. By the end of December, they will be moving out to apartments that they will rent on their own.


Third Generation

The interviewing process for our third-generation of youth has been very satisfying, and everything has been going as planned. We have visited many youth with great talent and competence and the will to reach their goals.

We had 35 youth applying for next year’s 12 open spots. The youth go through a three-step interview process. The first interview is at their home (meeting them in their comfort zone), the second interview is at our office (meeting them out of their comfort zone), and the third interview is a camp where we screen the youth through different team building activities. It’s been a blessing to feel welcomed and encouraged to keep up the good work as we visit each of the children’s homes through this process.

We have just finished the third and last interview and have invited 15 youth to start our program this coming January 2018. It’s been difficult to select only 12 out of so many very qualified youth and we have therefore decided to open three extra spots in this third-generation.

Furthermore, we have been blessed to have ten of our youth in The Timotheus Project (a youth project of the Danish and Honduran Baptist Youth). They’re being trained to become mentors for other teens at five children’s homes around Tegucigalpa, so they can prepare them for the transition as they get read to leave their children’s homes.


Upcoming events


·        2nd generation youth moving to own apartments

·     Preparing for 3 generation

·        Christmas lunch with all staff and youth


·        3rd generation moves in

·        Workshops, trainings, individual planning with each of the new youth

·        University start up

·        Follow up on 1st and 2nd generation


We want to thank you all for your support this year. We are grateful for your continued prayers for the youth and our program. We are looking for sponsors for our youth, so if you are interested or know of someone or a church, organization, or business that would be interested, please let us know at (The cost of the program for each youth is $250/month.) We are always happy to explain the details of our program and how even small amounts of financial support make a great impact in our success. To make a donation, please go to:


Merry Christmas!