New year, new youth in the program!

About 6 months ago, we started Youth for Honduras with our first 7 youth. There’s been a lot of learning and testing and more learning, but we have slowly found our way, and we’re super proud of our youth! They have grown a lot and learned a lot about life in society.

During October and November of 2016, we were going through the process of selecting the new youth for our program. It was so exciting to see how many youth that were interested in our transition program and applied. We ended our interviews and selection process with a camp where all 25 applicants were invited to the final selection. We had so much fun doing team building and getting to know each other. After the camp, we chose 12 youth to enter our program.

On January 27th, we opened up for the 12 new youth coming from all over the country. We now have youth from the north, south, east, west and center of Honduras. Our 12 new youth have started the transition program with great spirit and all have goals and dreams that they are eager to accomplish. They are currently going through a 4-week pre-program on-boarding process where we do workshops, counseling, house meetings, and social activities to prepare them for all the new, exciting, and (for some) scary things life in the city has to offer.

We now have a total of 17 youth spread out in 4 houses in Tegucigalpa that are located in safe areas and close to transportation, the university, and shopping.

6 youth are studying at the university, 2 are finishing up high school, 8 have applied to take the university admission test in March, and all youth are either working or looking for jobs.

Transition will always be difficult, and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about moving to a new place, changing schools, starting a new job, or having to make new friends. Having to start all over in a new place will always bring its complications and worries, and we know that for these youth it can feel like life has been turned upside down. So, we ask that you please lift them up in prayer as they begin this journey of transition.

Thank you for your continued support.