Our Organization is Growing!

This month we have welcomed Dulce Banegas to our team as our new Executive director as Cathrine Sørensen, will be transitioning out and going back to Denmark at the end of the month.

Dulce is a founding board member and was the secretary of the board for the first four years of Youth for Honduras existents. She has a law degree and is working on the I Exist Initiative that helps children and youth from children’s homes all over Honduras that doesn’t have their birth certificate to get registered. The I Exist Initiative is now an incorporated part of Youth for Honduras.

In mid-August, Andreas Daugaard will join our team and oversee all fundraising, developing, and supporting the programs that we already have established. Andreas has a master’s in law and has been working with the Human Rights Institute in Denmark, and is also a part of ASJ here in Honduras that works with anti-corruption.

We are so excited to invite both Dulce and Andreas to join our amazing team of hard-working employees doing their best to give the best support to the youth at the children’s homes and the ones getting ready to transition out.

A Note From Cathrine

It’s been a huge honor to be part of this great organization, to see how it’s grown since we founded it in May 2016. I feel so very proud when I look at every youth’s achievements in our program. 

To the youth: I know that leaving the home where you grow up to step out and into the unknown world is frightening, scary, and many times anxiety-producing, but you guys did it, and we have been fighting alongside of you. We have prayed for you, we have comforted you, we have had to make difficult decisions for you and with you, but most of all, we have loved every single one of you. 

It’s been an incredible experience to get the chance to create Youth from Honduras from scratch. It had challenges when work was uphill, but it’s also been sweet when we have progress, and I’m so excited about all the things we have going on right now with reaching out to children’s homes, getting university students involved, getting ready to take in new youth and help every single one where they will need support.

I’m sad to leave, but it’s a part of life making decisions, and not all decisions are easy, but I have peace in my heart as I know that this great team of passionate people will do great work and be able to carry this baby of mine (red. Youth for Honduras) to the next level.

Thanks to all of you that have taken part in this journey.

Lots of love,