Our Programs

Below is an overview of our three programs. For more in-depth information on each program, visit the program’s page!

The Transition Honduras Program

The Transition Honduras program aims to reach out to the many youth out at children’s homes all over Honduras with support to start an independent life out in the Honduran society after short or long term stay at a children’s home. This we do through transition training, scholarships, room and board support, tutoring, and mentorship.

Formation For Life

The Formation for Life program has been developed to help and support Honduran children’s homes and the youth living out at the homes with getting the youth ready at a young age for the transition they will meet later in life through soft skill workshops with subjects such as identity, emotions, self-esteem, friendships, curriculum writing, how to get a job etc.

The program has through the years developed so amazingly that it now not only is being used by children’s homes but also is aming generally to organisations working with at-risk youth. 

The Formation for Life material has been developed by Youth for Honduras staff and has been well tested before getting publishe


The mentorship program is a strong and very important component to both the Transition Honduras program and the Formation for Life program as we know that when the youth leaves the home that they have grown up in and starts an independent life out in the society they will need to have good people with good values and a servant heart to walk alongside them through this process.