What Is The Formation For Life Program?

The Formation for Life Program was original created to be used with at-risk youth but after seeing and experiencing the need for a material that could reach out to youth working on essential core values it’s now available and oriented towards organizations that work with youth who need to develop their knowledge, habits, and expectations for their own lives in the process of transition from youngster to young adult. The program helps the organizations prepare their youth to face the realities of society and become responsible and capable of reaching their goals.


The Formation for Life Program’s main objective is to guide and prepare youth from organizations working with at-risk youth and youth in general in the process of integration so that they can progress and become active members of society. We want to give them a voice and the tools to live a successful life.


The Formation for Life Program consists of two manuals written for youth aged 13 and up. They contain a series of themes that should help the youth grow and secure themselves. These are, among others:

  • importance of inner development
  • positive interaction with others
  • gaining labor experience
  • proper management of difficult situations
  • maintaining and defending their own ideas and opinions as an equal citizen

All of the themes are presented in the same way creating a connection between each chapter. The manuals encourage the youth to work with and use their new-gained knowledge and, thereby, advance in their development.

The manuals are divided into two sections, according to the level of awareness and matureness.

  • Manual I, for youth between 13 and 16 years of age
  • Manual II, for youth from 17 and up

Each manual contains different themes, concepts, exercises, and presentations and a guide with suggested activities for the instructor when planning the workshops.

Three Ways To Get Started With The Formation For Life Program:

  1. If you are a Honduran children’s home looking to implement the Formation For Life Program you can apply to get psychology and social worker students through Youth for Honduras to come train the program at your campus. Click Here for more information! 
  2. If you are an organization working with youth, we offer to train your staff in the implementation of the Formation for Life program. We do several sessions at our office each year with follow up visits and workshops or we can travel to your organization and give the training to your staff. Get more information by contacting Karla Aguilar
  3. If you are working in another country, you can also purchase the material and get started on your own! We will be happy to aid with the information needed to get started. Begin by contacting Cathrine Sørensen!