Life In Limbo + Student Update

Life In Limbo / Vida En Limbo

Have you ever felt that you were in some kind of limbo? A place where you didn’t know what to do or felt that you were not in control?

This limbo is the feeling that so many children and youth feel when entering the child protection system here in Honduras.

At Youth for Honduras, we are certified to carry out the workshop Life in Limbo (Vida en Limbo), which is a roleplay workshop where each participant places a role and puts on the “shoes” of a child entering the system, a parent in the system or a caregiver out at a children’s home. 

In March, Karla and Cathrine trained 140 employees of the child protection system (DINAF), children’s homes, police, and court system in Honduras with this training!

It was amazing to get the chance to work with these people, who are in daily contact with the families in the welfare system! It was incredible to hear their stories and be able to impact them with this very important training. 

Often, we professionals deal with many hard cases and can daily seem to get hardened a little by our job, and it’s important to remember that we are working with vulnerable people. We all want respect. Therefore, we should also always practice showing respect for the people we work with and not at least help them maintain their dignity doing this hard situation that these people often are going through.

Some of the participants shared with us after the exercise…

"Excellent for raising awareness!"
"I found it interesting and very much in line with our reality."
"It was a great motivation!"

Student Update

Our psychology and social worker students have ended their time of training and preparation with us. They are now out at the children’s homes and organizations working with the population at the home and organizations.

We have three students rotating between working in our office and La Promesa, an organization that we work closely with. La Promesa works with foster care and has very competent employees teaching and training our students two days a week. The other three days a week, the students are preparing the transition program Formation for Life for online sessions and as well setting up a helpline for children, youth, and employees out at the children’s homes which will be opened later this year where they will be able to call for psychological support.

It’s such an important role these students are playing in the life of the people they work with, and we pray that we will be able to keep up the good work, get more students involved in training the transition program Formation for life and that many more children’s homes will be able to open their doors this year so more youth can get ready for an independent life out in the society.

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