We are ready – are you?

We have the last months received applications from youth from Orphanage Emmanuel and Manuelito. We have had they youth for a first interview at the place they live and a second interview at our office in Tegucigalpa.
We will the 15th of August have a sleep over in the apartment with the youth where they will get to know their new house and us a bit better (the boys will stay the night at their house while the girls will stay the night at their house). The 16th in the morning we will all go together to Cerro de Luz in Siguatepeque where we have a full program ready about communication, conflict resolution and lots of reflections on life and the future.

We will say goodbye to the youth in the 17th in the afternoon where each youth will go home and get ready for this new big step in life.. independents!
• The 19th and 20st of August the youth will move to the apartments where we will be ready to receive them and help them get organised.
• The first couple of weeks we have focus on getting the youth organised, we will do workshops about planning your future, how to handle emotions, getting a job etc.
• We have been offered a program hosted by Projecto Metas where the youth will be able to receive a two month training program in capacity building, application and C.V writing etc. This program will end out in a 20 dag internship in a organisation or company here in the capital.

We are so excited and ready for this next step in faith and we pray that the youth are too.
Please keep praying for our youth has they enter this process of reintegration in to society and remember that you can take part in this work by sponsoring a young man or woman and help give them hope for a brighter future.

Best regards and blessings!

Cathrine Sørensen