A Welcome from Cathrine Sørensen

It’s an honour to welcome you to our new website and not at least our new NGO, Association Youth for Honduras. We will here update you on the youth, their progress, our program and how YOU can become an important piece in this great work with youth transitioning out from orphanages and in to the society of Honduras. We will from August start working with some of the many youth transitioning out from orphanages all over Honduras.

We have the last 6 months been working hard on getting this association up and running and it’s only with the grace of God that we have come this far and now are ready to take the first big steps in faith.

We will to begin with be providing housing for 10 youth moving in, in August. The youth will be living in the transition house for one year where they will receive the necessary help with study and career planning, workshops about adulthood, decision making, how to get a job, how to keep a job, self-esteem and awareness, emotions etc. Every youth will be connected a Tutor what will help them with their plans for the future, helping them find a network, teaching them about life in the society and making workshops. Want to know more about the program?

We have an 8 members board that are very engaged and have lots of good ideas, visions and not a least big hearts for this transition program. They all have experience in one or other way with transition, youth and NGO work. Some are former orphans themselves and are now role models for many younger youth, some has experience in orphanages and missionary work while others has the NGO expertise.

I myself have a degree in Social Education, have been working with kids, special needs, homeless and youth at risk since 2004 and my latest job was at Orphanages Emmanuel, Honduras as the project manager for their Youth Community and Transition Project which is a transition project for youth living at the orphanages with focus on preparing the youth for their transition out to society after a shorter or longer stay at the orphanage.

God has great things in store for this youth transitioning out through this program and we feel very blessed to be given this opportunity to be the once guiding and helping them in this process of independence.


Best Regards and Blessings!

Cathrine Sørensen,
Director of the Association Youth for Honduras