Welcome from The World Orphan Fund

Hello and welcome to the Youth for Honduras Website!

My name is Steve Donovan and I serve as a director for The World Orphan Fund, which provides vital support to organizations that are making a profound difference in the lives of orphaned children. We are so excited to be partnering with Cathrine as she begins this great program here in Tegucigalpa. For the last several years, our teams have visited with youth in this area and we witnessed the need for safe housing where youth can become part of the society of Honduras while continuing their education and growing personally by joining local church congregations and learning ways to help others in the city.

In early June, by wife Dena and I toured the city with Cathrine and are excited about the housing opportunities in the areas close to INFOP, UNAH, and other schools that her program will reach. It is our belief that the youth who participate in this program will have a huge impact on not only the local societies, but on other youth that will join us and be mentored and encouraged by Cathrine’s staff.


Please keep this program in your prayers as it grows in the upcoming months.

Steve Donovan