Youth retreat “Who am I?” with Identity Mission

By Joselyne, staff at Youth for Honduras


Youth for Honduras had the honor of accompanying Identity Mission on its annual youth camp, this year with the theme: Who am I? During the camp weekend, Youth for Honduras got to know more youth who are growing up in Honduran children’s homes and we presented our transition program to them.

The whole camp was a great blessing for us as a team! With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we succeeded in influencing the lives of the youth participating in the camp.


Chosen by God

54 youth from different children’s homes gathered around teachings, games, campfire, prayers, and other activities when they joined the youth camp in Siguatepeque.

Youth for Honduras was invited to do talks on different themes and to be a resource for the youth. My colleagues, José Ramón and Michelle, presented “I am who God says I am” and “The five love languages”, and I did the lessons “Created with a purpose” and “Chosen by God”.

I spoke about Ephesians 2, 10: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them”, and about David, who pastored sheep but was chosen for something else – to be a king!

Gathering around the campfire the last night of the camp, was a huge blessing for both leaders and youth. What touched my heart the most was a 14-year-old boy who stood up and talked – just like a preacher. He invited all youth who had received Christ in their lives to step forward. He spoke to them: “Always come to Christ because you are chosen by him”! And he said that the message that had impacted him the most during the camp was the message about being chosen by God. That message was from one of my lessons. He looked for me afterwards and I prayed for him and his life in Christ.

It was amazing to get to know some of the youth at a deeper level and get a glimpse of God’s plan realized in each one of them.

And an even greater blessing was to see the love of Jesus being poured over their hearts in this moment of sharing words from God. To me it was marvelous to be used as God’s instrument.


Room for reflection

One night the Identity Mission team had decorated a house with strings of lights and set up many different prayer stations. The youth and leaders were invited to move freely in the house dwelling at the stations we wanted to. This was a great opportunity for being reflective and spending time with God on a personal, intimate level.

Every night before bedtime in each cottage, we shared our experiences and reflections of the day. In my cottage this created a space of confidence. The girls opened up and shared their life stories. Some of the stories were so severe, yet these girls had their dreams and hopes and were striving to succeed in life. This made a huge impact on me! It was such a privilege to spend time with these girls and be inspired from their strengths to keep on fighting to complete their dreams.

That weekend, spent with youth who are in a life period full of uncertainty and difficulties but also high hopes and rich blessings, became an amazing experience for our organization. And, once again, we were reminded that we are called to serve and be an example for Youth in Honduras.