Youth seek God through Conecta2

By Jose Ramon Lopez, Youth for Honduras staff

Conecta2 is a group that we created within Youth for Honduras. It consists of 18 youth from all generations. The name Conecta2 literally means “Connect2”, but when it is said in Spanish it has yet another meaning: “Connected”.

We felt a need for this group because the youth in YFH are seeking God. They want to learn more about Him and come closer to Him. So, Conecta2 is a group that focusses on connecting with God (You and Him), and the purpose is to teach and involve our YFH youth in the great love of Jesus.

We do that through discipleship. Our youth study the Word of God so they learn about its principles. We do it through dynamics. Our youth interact in games with references to the Bible. And we do it through social projects. Our youth put their knowledge into practice to benefit others.

Especially the social projects have touched us. The youth have been so engaged in helping others – and they have been blessed themselves by bringing love to people in need. In every single social activity that we have made, their self-esteems have been increased.

Until now, Conecta2 has been engaged in the three following types of social projects:

  1. Bringing happiness to children in a poor community in our city – Our youth prepared funny games, an interactive dance, and words from God for them.
  2. Giving love and care to elders in an almshouse – Our youth prepared special and different activities with the purpose to be close and speak to them.
  3. Sharing food in the streets to children and adults from poor communities.

Through these initiatives we have shared and shown the love of Jesus to many people.

Strong Commitment and lots of Blessings

Every single activity we carry out is planned by the youth themselves – and they also pay for everything from their own money. We do it this way because the youth should get the opportunity to give and not just receive. Certainly, the youth from Conecta2 have grown through this practice and they know it is better to give than receive.

Let me tell you about one experience we had when we were visiting an almshouse. The youth had decided to bring a make-up-activity. So, the elders were cared for and given make-up on if they wanted it. It was so special how the youth connected with the elders through that activity and through the hugs they shared. The youth brought a lot of passion and affection to the elders that day.

The youth in Conecta2 have expressed that they feel very well helping others and they want to continue doing it. We have seen fruits of this and how God has touched their hearts. They have been connected.

Below you can read the point of view of one of the youth in Conecta2.


Everybody needs to hear about God

“To me Conecta2 means the purpose that God has in our lives as the youth we are. It also means an opportunity to do good things that we rarely do because we feel scared – for example because of the reactions we might get from the people we want to help.

We have a very dynamic group with a variety of activities on our schedule. We make games based on the Bible and we help both old people, youth, and children.

When I am helping others, I feel the presence of God everywhere and this is something really amazing. I believe we can be a change for people in this country. It’s so important that everyone hear about God and we can show them all the good things He does.

My personal experience is that God touches our souls when we are with Conecta2. This feeling is so good. The group has been a positive change for me because I let go of my fears. When I am in a situation helping somebody, nothing else matters in that moment. I just focus on helping.

I am so happy to be a part of the group. It’s so important to me that more youth from YFH will join us and feel that they belong to our group. Because we do so many positive activities that make us grow in our personal lives.“

– Jennifer Sanchez, 4th generation