Youth Workforce with World Vision

By Michelle Pineda, Staff in Youth for Honduras

One of the purposes of our Transition Program is to offer our youth the right training to become independent. We help them create strong bonds with people inside Youth for Honduras as well as with their social environments elsewhere. We support each one of them in a personal way, regardless of whether they study or are searching for stable jobs.

Therefore, and for many other reasons, Youth for Honduras has partnered with World Vision. Some of our youth will undergo one of World Vision’s programmes, the so-called Youth Workforce Programme.

What is the programme about?

The Youth Workforce Programme seeks to improve the economic opportunities for youth with the goal of improving their life conditions. This is achieved through skills development so that the youth are able to access and maintain their studies, jobs, and own businesses.

The programme offers four training modules titled 1) Who am I?, 2) Ready for a job, 3) Ready for entrepreneurship, and 4) Ready for citizenship. Each module lasts one month, so after four months the youth should be ready for an internship or to start their own business. At the same time the youth have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and study English.


Opportunities for our youth

At the moment, 14 of our youth are receiving the training courses of World Vision’s Youth Workforce Programme. But in addition to our youth, the programme has also taken in five youth from other transition homes. They all receive training twice a week.

For some of our youth the new gained knowledge and experiences are already more than enough. Others are still waiting in excitement for the last module as they want to start their own businesses. Hopefully, the programme and the following internships or business start-ups will lead the youth to stable employment.

Let me not forget to mention that five of your youth have obtained great results in the programme already as they have each won a scholarship to study English at the IHCI (Honduran Institute of Inter-American Culture). Congratulations!


A youth testimony

Bella Aleman says about the Youth Workforce Programme:

“Right now, I am experiencing exactly what the programme promised! I think that the Youth Workforce Programme with World Vision is a huge opportunity for all of us. I have heard the testimonies from others who have completed the programme and seen how they have succeeded. So, I have to take advantage of this door that has been opened for me – as much as possible!

When they gave us the opportunity to choose focus (education, job, or entrepreneurship), I chose education. And I also applied for a scholarship to study English.

Now, I feel so happy and blessed because I won that scholarship and have the opportunity to learn English and get a certificate that states that I master the language. It will definitely give me better job possibilities in the future!”